Council for Active Mobility

Building a walking, cycling & healthy city

Photo by Sonal Kulkarni

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Who are we?

A not-for-profit collective, the Council for Active Mobility is the brainchild of Bengaluru’s Bicycle Mayor Sathya Sankaran. It is comprised of Active Mobility Councillors and other volunteers who are interested in making the city pollution and congestion-free, hence making it easier for its residents to become fit and healthy - both physical and mental.


A city where 80% of local trips dont use a fossil fuel driven vehicle.

Why are we doing this?

We believe the power to transform Bengaluru into a healthy and sustainable city is in the hands of every resident. We’re here to facilitate the exercise of that power.

What are we doing?


The 15-minute city is a residential urban concept in which all city residents meet most of their needs within a short walk or bicycle ride from their homes. #My15MinCity urges people to shun the motor vehicle for trips in the neighbourhood of their home.

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Green Residences

Encourging residents to avoid usage of motor vehicles for short trips in the neighbourhood. If you are an apartment complex/RWA or a community who would like conduct activities that will increas walking & cycling in your neighbourhood. Send us a message

Green Institutions

Encouraging students, 5th standard and above, to walk and cycle to school. If you are an educational institution which provides infrastructure and preferential treatment for cyclists we would like to list you. Send us a message.

Green Business

Encouraging local retail business to welcome and accomodate cyclists. If you are a business which provides infrastructure and preferential treatment for cyclists we would like to list you here. Send us a message.

Who are we doing it with?

Government & Knowledge Partner - DULT
Urban Morph
Strategic Partner - Urban Morph
Projects Partner - BYCS
Research Partner - IISc Sustainable Transportation Lab
Public Affairs Partner - Bangalore Political Action Committee
Cycle Day/Open Streets Partner - BCOS
Cycling Partner - Karnataka Bicycle Dealers Association
Track & Trail
Cycling Events Partner - Track & Trail
Ward Budgeting Partner - Janaagraha
Livelihood Outreach Partner - Greenpeace
Community Partner - Namma Bengaluru Foundation
Health Partner - St Johns National Academy of Health Sciences
Outreach Partner -
Social Media Partner - Synergos

How can you join this movement?

Join the telegram channel @cfamindia to stay informed. Send us an email if you wish to be a partner.