Who are relief riders? What do they do?

The Relief Riders program is an initiative started by #CycleToWork ambassadors and many interested cyclists across the city of Bengaluru under the leadership of Sathya Sankaran, the Bicycle Mayor of Bengaluru.

Relief Riders are bicyclists who have volunteered to support the elderly in their local communities. The Elderly or/and their friends, relatives and well-wishers can coordinate directly with our relief riders to get essentials (groceries, milk, medicines) delivered home. In cases involving physical/ cognitive disabilities, our riders can also check up on them physically. A Relief Rider is a friend in need for the elderly in our local communities. We are a part of the solution, not the problem.

Relief riders have recieved special recognition award of the UN World Bicycle Day 2021. Relief Riders have been nominated for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize for the timely intervention during the COVID crisis in India. The team offered valuable support on bicycles to more than 2000 families saving more than 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions across 12 cities in India. The team without protest or violence utilised this opportunity to promote the future of transport in resilient cities - the bicycle.

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